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Let’s talk about Dementia Series

July 3 | Dementia: What is it and what do I do if I or a loved is impacted by these symptoms? Everyone has become familiar with the dreaded word, “Dementia”; however, not many people know what it is, its impact and what to do if they or a loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia. During this discussion, we explore what dementia is, the different causes of dementia, risk and protective factors and what to do if given a diagnosis of dementia.

July 10 | Dementia: Communicating with a loved one living with dementia related symptoms. Communication is the staple for all human interaction. It brings us closer and it can drive us apart. Symptoms of dementia can make communication difficult. During this discussion, we will explore the basics of communication, the 4 A’s of dementia that can contribute to communication challenges and how to overcome those challenges.

July 17 | Dementia: Managing caregiver stress. It is estimated that over 15 million Americans are living with some form of dementia related disease. Often, loved ones will commit to caring for these individuals without recognizing the impact it has on their health, which contributes to a further decline in the overall well-being of the individuals living with dementia related symptoms. During this discussion, we will explore, the symptoms of stress, the impact of unmanaged stress and options for managing stress. We will also engage in a 5 minute guided meditation session, which will include aromatherapy.

July 24 | Dementia: A 4-dimensional dementia experience. The purpose of this event is to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to live with dementia by participating in a “Dementia simulated” exercise. Similar to the Virtual Dementia Tour, participants will use manipulatives designed to mimic symptoms of abnormal aging and dementia symptoms. Unlike the Virtual Dementia Tour, you will engage in exercises designed to simulate what it’s like to receive care from someone who isn’t sensitive nor educated on the proper approach towards caring for someone living with dementia related symptoms.

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